Standard, Queen and King Size - What size pillow are you?

What is the ideal pillow for you vs your bed? or BOTH? Standard, Queen, King or Euro-sized Down or Down Alternative pillows make every difference to the aesthetic and function of your bed.

Here is the simple Rule: Queen Size

Bed 2 Euro Pillow 26 x 26" at the back

2 Queen Size 21 x 30" Pillows in front of your Euro Pillow

2 Standard Size 21 x 28" Pillow in front of your Queen Size Pillow

The Purpose is to build Layers. Is this functional? Not really. You can swap the standard size (21 x 28") for the Queen which measures about 21 x 30" and still have it look similar if not the same.

How about the King Bed and King Pillows?

3 to 4 Euro Pillows at the back (depending on the pattern you have selected)

2 King Pillow 21 x 37" (for your pillowcases)

2 Queen Pillows at the front in front of your King Pillows for decoration (similar to the queen size bed)

Do you need 2 Queen pillows?

Nope! Swap them and have 4 King size pillows and 3 to 4 euro pillows and your set.

Again you are building layers.

How about no EURO Pillow?

Yep! that is a more modern design and you can also use 2 King Pillows on a Queen bed at the back to build layers.

When Building your dream bed, the goal for us at Palais Royal is to guide you to build layers. And while doing so, to also help you find the right sleeping pillow. A discussion we will cover in another article.