Am I a Cool Percale or a Glossy Sateen? Which one to buy?

Am I a Cool Percale or a Glossy Sateen? Which one to buy? We can first tell you the technical specs of Weave. Percale weave is a criss-cross pattern like a (one over - one under). Percale is identified as a Cool, Crisp feeling and is ideal in summer months or places with hot climates. Pratesi, Yves Delorme and Caza Cavour all make very luxurious Percale Sheets. Percale is a weave, not cotton. Percale weave can be produced with Pima Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, Supima Cotton. Ideally best in white and most famously with Single, 2 or 3-line embroideries. (Hotel look) Sateen weave is four over and one under, sateen weave is silkier, glossier and has a sheen to the sheet. Sateen sheets we recommend for winter months and or cooler climate areas for the majority of the year. But this is just from experience. So how do I know what to buy and from whom? This is where we come in, over the years of experience, the team at Palais Royal Linens at Bayview Village Shopping centre can guide you to help identify each brand's specialty and why we would have it in stock vs not. Pratesi Linens famously known for "Angel Skin" - Percale and Pratesi Orange Label specialize in Sateen creations. Yves Delorme Paris specializes in Athena and Flandre Percale sheets both available in two price points and unique designs. Caza Cavour Sateen, notably the most popular during the winter months, 100% 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton is ideal for all year but best during cooler months.