Difference between Comforter and Duvet

Oftentimes, we receive inquiries about a "comforter" and not a "duvet". What is the difference and are you sure you know what you're asking?

Let me start by saying. At Palais Royal, our experience over 15 years one major lesson we have been learning is not everyone will have to share the same terminology in the industry matching with one to set themselves apart.

Our objective is to decipher each customer's needs from what they know and understand and piece together what they are looking for.

In France, often refer to Duvets as Comforters, Yves Delorme Paris ironically labels their "Duvets" as "Comforters". And often customers from Montreal, Quebec follow this and request a "Down Comforter". (is that the same thing?)

Let us Describe what a Duvet is first. Duvet: Should have "down proof" ticking (cotton shell wrap prevents leaking of insulation) of insulating fill most commonly "Goose Down, Duck Down, or Synthetic fill" inside of an enclosed ideally baffled box construction. A baffle Box is a construction within the duvet cotton shell with walls to help balance the insulation to prevent it from shifting from one baffle to another. A Duvet Cover is no different than a pillowcase or pillow sham, it is to protect the Duvet so you wash Duvet Cover more frequently.

What is a comforter? Usually, a fixed synthetically filled blanket. NO baffle construction usually stitches right through and is quite thick in most cases and with a design already attached to it. Imagine a very thick quilt with the same thickness as a Duvet.

What is a Down Comforter? The answer is a Duvet. A usually thick duvet. This doesn't necessarily mean a very hot duvet, you could be looking for a thick but not so warm duvet which would be our 680 LOFT or 550 Loft Duvet with 32 oz or more (please call us for further details) Which one do I go for? Our sincere recommendation is Duvet and Duvet Cover combination. You are able to launder your duvet cover more frequently.

A comforter is fixed and will lose shape over time. Often times customers will refute this by suggesting the duvet shifts too much. We can confidently say your Duvet and Duvet cover does not match each other in size and you have an old Duvet and new Duvet Covers that have grown in size in the span of 5 years. Secondly, you can attach ties to the end of each corner to help prevent it from shifting. But the experience of a MizzoBianco Duvet with a 400TC Caza Cavour Duvet Cover is a bed made in heaven. And a must-try!