Down vs Down & Feather vs Feather - Let us "break it down" for you!

What is Down?
Centre cores from Geese or Duck, are small puffy clusters, relatable to a thin cluster of a cotton ball in your hand or a dandelion puff. Goose Down is typically ideal for insulation, a layer you'd like to have on top of you. It is light and delicate.
Not heavy, very lightweight but higher insulative properties than most duck down under 700+ LOFT.
Also quite common for those who want a very soft pillow in different densities. ( Soft, Medium or Firm, when we learn more about your sleeping habits) Not all firm Goose down pillows are ideal for a Firm side sleeper.

What is Duck "down" great for?
The Down you want to be on top of, for example, a Medium to Firm pillow. Over years of experience and customer feedback and solutions, we have solved many firm side sleepers. We have found the best Medium and Firm Pillow by Caza Cavour. They use Duck Down / European Down in a 550 LOFT and 680 LOFT and time and time again this down pillow has been nothing less than remarkable.
Duck down is also ideal for anyone who is looking for a non-insulative heavy duvet, as Duck down can be slightly heavier than Goose Down.

What is Feather?
Large with a stiff "quill" (stem) running through the center and come in a variety of sizes from different parts of the bird's body. Feathers are a cheaper alternative to down as they are more abundantly available and less expensive to extract.

What is down and feather?
When you're looking at a pillow and it is marked "down and feather" it is likely to have a 60/40 blend of down/feather. We don't recommend this type of product. Usually (not in all instances it will have chopped feathers mixed with down) and can be quite uncomfortable over time and will eventually have some quills poke out.