Coverlet - Yes, No, maybe So?

Your Queen bed is made up of a Caza Cavour Micro Modal DuvetCover, and 400TC Egyptian Cotton Sheets, with 2 Down Medium Pillows inside your pillowcases and 2 soft Down pillows inside your 2 Queen Shams.
You have the ideal bed.

Are you done? What to add? Do I need a coverlet?

Let's start with what is a coverlet.
Coverlets are often left out last. We. often suggest making your bed up and seeing if you need that coverlet. Is it functional or decorative? Is your partner too hot or too cold at night? Who will use it?

Basically - Coverlets are the added layer to your bed, folded at the bottom, middle or our new way the top of the bed near the top sheet. *yes you read that correctly. Or lastly, cover the whole bed.
A coverlet has multiple labels, "Quilt, Matelasses, Blanket, and Coverlet".

Can be used in many combinations, but we advise it's always a smart decision to get one. It helps build layers, and they are a great substitute for the summertime.

How to Coordinate?
We recommend, fun or sophisticated. Like any great piece of art in a room, it doesn't always match. Have fun with the idea. Tuck it underneath for a polished look, have it drop over and touch the floor, or fold it our new way at the top under your top sheet. This is an accessory that is a very versatile finishing piece.