Here is our guide toward purchasing the Correct Size Duvet

Let us state the obvious fact. Ready?!

You do not purchase a duvet for the bed size.....You purchase a duvet for your Duvet Cover Size!

Often, a new customer will ask for a King Over Size Duvet because it is short on the sides and assume that will fix the problem. The Duvet is the piece that goes inside an enclosed fabric wrap - A Duvet Cover. The Duvet can only go as wide as the duvet cover.

So what is the size of your Duvet Cover? First, let's begin with the Mattress Size.

Twin and Twin XL. (Twin XL (extra-long) is 5" longer than normal Twin Beds)

Twin Beds, often side Day Beds or Children's Bed. A twin duvet and twin duvet cover will be just fine. Try to avoid having a very high mattress or high platform as it might seem a bit short on the sides.

An alternative *not always recommended is Queen Size Duvet and Duvet Cover for a twin bed. Ideal if your considering changing the twin-size bed to a Queen later on and will add decent length to the sides of the bed. (great for the fall to the floor look) 

Double Bed - 54 x 75" Mattress - Smaller than a Queen, slightly larger than a Twin. We recommend using a Queen Duvet and Queen Duvet Cover on this. You will 90% of the time have a better look. It is just the way it falls on the sides.

Ideally, Double beds are great for the guest bedroom and if the room is small and the bed is up against a wall or a bunk double bed, then we will tailor or find your "double duvet" and "double duvet cover", roughly 84 x 90". Our Sofia et Capri 700+ Loft Duvet with 420 TC shell is the most popular duvet for this and also comes in an old queen measurement which is close to a double size as well. (you have options)

Queen Size Duvet: Bed Size is 60 x 80" - The majority of Condo master bedrooms fit a Queen Size bed. And we always recommend a Queen Size Duvet One notable feature is Sofia et Capri 900LOFT Queen Duvet. Perfect for Toronto, Montreal and New York Condo Life and all-year weather. Queen XL: (becoming the new norm size) If a duvet cover or duvet measures over 90" x 90"+ it usually means it is Queen XL. If one measurement is less than 90" it is rendered Normal Queen size. Great for high-depth mattresses, and the most popular size for Yves Delorme Paris Bedding, Caza Cavour Bedding, and Designers Guild to name a few.

King Size - 79 x 81" Mattress: Duvets Typically measure anything over 100" x 90"+. Once the width is 100" it is considered a King Size duvet and duvet cover. The most popular size to look out for is 106 or 108" wide. Most duvet covers measure this length and can easily be used with other market designs. Avoid 100" width try to aim towards 104" or wider.


King XL/oversize. Duvet: 109" or wider is usually a king oversize. Or Yves Delorme normal King Size. When Purchasing a King duvet cover it is again very important to understand the measurement of the manufacturer's labelled dimension. We offer a unique product to match most manufacturers' measurements in our Sofia et Capri and MizzoBianco down duvet collections.

Both King Size Duvet Measurements are workable for normal King and California King mattresses.