Yves Delorme In Canada (Toronto)

Palais Royal has been and continues to be the largest partner in Canada with Yves Delorme Paris. Over the last 15+ years, the team at Palais Royal Linens in Toronto has become experts in all Yves Delorme bedding & Yves Delorme Towels. At Palais Royal H & H we have continuously dedicated ourselves to the root of inspiration behind every collection from each Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter, each year collaborating with customers and designers from all around the country to curate and guide each bedroom design idea and coordinating colour pallet.

Why does Yves Delorme remain one of the most prominent luxury fine linen brands? And how are we the right partner? It's about a shared philosophy, and a shared belief to assist the correct size, design and experience for any new and existing YD customer.

Every year we have a new list of questions we thought we would share with you. 2023 Questions as Follows:

1) Q) Why you should select Athena/Roma/Flandre Fitted Bottom Sheet Vs. Triomphe Fitted Bottom Sheet?
A) For a crips cool night's sleep we recommend Percale Sheets Roma or Flandre. For a Silky sateen feel and a warmer sleep, we recommend Triomphe.

2) Q) What season do you require a change in your linens?
A) Roma is Organic 500 TC Percale Cotton Sheet best used for the Summertime, as it doesn't trap as much heat. Triomphe is ideally applied towards the winter months especially.

3) Q) Do I need a King Oversize Duvet for King Duvet Covers by Yves Delorme?
A) For most scenarios yes. Palais Royal Linens in Toronto offer's a wide range of Goose Down Duvets and Pillows Made in Canada, to further help guide and match your needs. A King Duvetcover by YD measures 111" wide and can shrink to 109" after washing.

4) Q) What is the difference between Athena and Roma?
A) Athena is a pattern with a single embroidery border design with a white base available in 12 different colours and a new colour every season.

*** August and January are when you will notice a new colour introduction and one less colour available for sale at 40% OFF which we offer in our Yves Delorme Outlet Canada store (online)***

Roma is a solid pattern, the same fabric as Athena used to accompany Athena for various combinations and colours.

And the most important question of all.

5) Q) Is Organic Cotton better than Egyptian Cotton or Egyptian Cotton better than Organic Cotton?
A) NO!

As a long-standing partnership with Yves Delorme, we offer very competitive pricing, sales and promotions seasonally. We also offer shipping across Canada and the United States, in most cases depending on duties and tax required to declare and ship goods, we at times offer the same price in USD in CAD, which reflects a great benefit to our USA customers in the exchange rate.

Other benefits of shopping at Palais Royal Linens in Toronto, we keep a record of your purchase and update you on any new features or promotions we may offer from a past or present collection you may purchase to coordinate.

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