Athena Sheets Yves Delorme

Athena Linens By Yves Delorme Paris

What is Organic, Long Staple 500 Thread Count Cotton sheeting made in France by Yves Delorme Paris?

Simply: Luxury Made in France

High-quality Percale Sheets are very hard to come across, as it is always in the "hand of the weave" some of the world's finest brands in the world that produce supreme Percale Sheets would be Caza Cavour, Pratesi, and Jesurum, to name a few. As for Athena Linens by Yves Delorme Paris. It is exceptional.

Over the years at Palais Royal, one gains experience and understanding of the "who who" of sheets stand the test of time. Customers from New York, Boston, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, California, and Florida all or the majority have always taught us a different experience and understanding of why one chooses:

a) Percale Sheets
b) Athena 500TC
c) Yves Delorme

The answer is - simplicity at its finest. A single-line embroidery in many different arrays of colours. Silver, Patine, Blanc (White), Fjord, Lila, Pierre, Nacre (Ivory), Horizon, Grenade and Marine to name a few have found their way to accommodate many traditional and modern design trends. The delicate design and detail in each piece.

Athena Duvet Cover is a great match with Athena Shams common setup with Duvet covers for a King Size Ensemble is

1 King Duvet Cover
2 King Pillowcases (for sleeping on)
2 King Shams (decor pieces)
3 or 4 Euro Shams (decor pieces)
The shams really fill up the bed and build layers in your design. The functional pieces are the pillowcases. At times it is best to double up on pillowcases for laundering purposes.

Queen size Duvetcover Ensemble
1 Queen Duvet Cover
2 Pillowcases (for sleeping on)
2 Queen Shams (decor pieces)
2 Euro Shams (decor pieces)

Twin-Size Duvet Cover Ensemble
1 Twin Duvet Cover
1 Queen Size Pillowcases
1 Queen size sham
*Euro sham is optional
Boudoir Sham finishes the bed

King Sheet Set Ensemble
King Size Roma Fitted Sheet
Athena King Top sheet
Athena 2 pillowcases (Or Roma pillowcases in a solid colour)

Queen Size Sheet Set Ensemble
Queen Size Roma Fitted Sheet
Athena Queen Top Sheet
Athena 2 pillowcases (or Roma pillowcases in a solid colour)

Twin Size Sheet Set Ensemble
1 Roma Fitted Sheet
Athena Top sheet Twin Size
1 or 2 Athena pillow ceases (or Roma as articulated above)

For Double size mattresses, you only require double fitted sheet in Roma in any colour. Athena or Roma Queen Top Sheet, Athena or Roma Duvetcover, Athena or Roma pillowcases would apply to a double-size mattress.

Athena Sheets by Yves Delorme has been part of Palais Royal Linens for over a decade and continues to represent and maintain as one of our elite collections in the United States and Canada-wide. We urge you indulge your self at least one set of Yves Delorme Athena Sheets.