What is "Jumbo" or Technically "Oversize" Bedding?

Traditionally deep mattress is 18". So the understanding would be to have a "jumbo" or oversize duvet cover, and a duvet. In most instances, this applies to queen and king beds. All of our partners produce fitted to accomodate "oversize" deep mattresses, we believe and a philosophy we have inherited is safer to have a larger measurement than smaller as you can always have it taken in (this applies to only coverings, duvet covers, pillowcases, flat sheets and most importantly fitted sheets). **Duvets should be the closest match, our duvets are universal in size to fit most duvet covers. Safe Measurements for Duvets: 106 - 108 x 94 - 96" (king size) 92 - 96 x 90 - 94" (queen size) If your mattress is at a depth of 12" or very low to the ground, we advise looking into older measurements. An example: Duvet: 100 x 90" King 92 x 88" Queen But what is "Jumbo" or oversize - the best example is to use a duvet measurement. When considering this measurement, bear in mind the duvet is going inside the duvet cover, therefore the duvet cover has to be the oversize measurement first. Ideal oversize is any measurement 111 x 100" for a king and 100 x 98" for a queen duvet and duvet cover. Yves Delorme Paris is one of the very few brands that produce an off-the-shelf "oversize/jumbo" measurement for a king size and it is advised you consult with us first before your purchase of king size by Yves Delorme or any "oversize" measurement. Please note purchasing an Oversize/Jumbo King size duvet will not solve the issue if your duvet cover is not also Oversize. They have to match.