Bed Frame to Bedding - how to build your bed

What you should know about setting up your bed: From the basics: Bed Frame - Must have a headboard, it can have a footboard (high or low) Side Rails vs Platform Bed Side rails: metal rods that support the box spring Platform: - wood slats or slats built as part of the bedframe that your mattress or box spring will rest on top of. *ideal for beds lower to the ground. Box Spring: Usually to provide underlying support to the mattress or raise the mattress from frames that could be too deep into the frame. Mattress: Usually rest right on top of your bed frame or box spring. Mattress Pad: is used as an extra layer of protection. You are unable to wash your mattress so it is crucial to keep your mattress clean by using a mattress pad. Pillow Protectors: Same application as your mattress pad, a pillow protector helps keep your pillow clean. Featherbed: this is a mattress topper filled with feathers and down that will rest in between your mattress and mattress pad. This is ideally optionally and not mandatory. Very popular in hotels. Duvet - Down or Down alternative different from a quilt or comforter, a Duvet must be used with a Duvet Cover. We always recommend a high-quality Goose Down or European Down Duvet as it can help regulate temperature and provide the most comfort when sleeping. Duvet's also enhanced the opulence of your bed, our Dolce and Bianca Duvets made for Palais Royal Exclusively are specially designed to ensure the down reach every corner of your Duvet, in doing so you have the extra advantage of building layers and making more informed decision of how you wish to have your bed look. Pillows: Typically as per the traditional way, you will begin with the Euro Pillow 26 x 26" (down or down alternative) Matching bed-size pillows (preferably European or Goose down) will most likely be your sleeping pillows. Additional 2 more pillows ( king size for king bed, or queen size for either size bed) Throw cushion or boudoir The decor is not necessary but a nice add-on to enhance your bedroom appearance. Fine Linens Decorative Sham - Euro shams are 90% of the time decor. They help build layers to your bed when styling your final look. Euro Shams are best when they match your duvet cover or provide a complete contrast. An example is a white duvet cover with Silver or Grey Euro shams. Fitted Bottom Sheet One of the most important pieces for your bed. When applying your fitted bottom sheet, ensure you have the correct depth (it is safer to have a deeper fitted sheet than a shorter one as you can not adjust it afterwards). For your sleep, understand if you like crisp cool vs silk and smooth that is (percale vs sateen) A lower thread count is good for breathability and a higher thread count will trap heat. Top Sheet/ Flat Sheet: More popular in North America, but not found in Europe as much. This product is great to help build contrast or create a combination. But not mandatory often we recommend purchasing a top sheet if you're purchasing a duvet cover or matlasses/quilt that doesn't match your fitted bottom sheet and pillowcase fabric. For example, if your Fitted and Pillowcases are percale we'd recommend your top sheet be the same percale if your duvet cover is not. Top sheets are best displayed folded back from the top of the duvet cover Duvet Cover: Add a splash of colour or keep it simple, duvet covers come in 3 main sizes, Twin, Queen and King. We often recommend using a Queen on a Double bed and King also on a Cal King Bed. To have the ultimate experience we also recommend using a high-quality European or goose down fill duvet as it will help regulate temperature for the ideal comfort and that opulent appearance. In the event, you have a down allergy we have down alternative duvets available. Silk, Wool or microfibre.