Morocco - Caza Cavour Duvet Cover Set

CAD $292.20 CAD $733.00

Embark on a poetic journey to Marrakech's enchanting embrace with our exquisite creation, the Morocco-themed duvet cover. Crafted by the skilled hands of Caza Cavour, this opulent masterpiece is an exclusive feature at the Palais Royal Linen Gallery.

In the realm of dreams, where Queen and King sizes await, each set is adorned with matching shams, a symphony of elegance to grace your sanctuary. As the sun dances on the rooftops of Marrakech, so too does the Giotto Sheet set in White with a delicate hem stitch, boasting a luxurious 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton.

Behold the canvas of serenity, the perfect duvet cover for the spring-summer breeze. Let it cradle you in breathable comfort, keeping your nights crisp and cool. Elevate your haven with the allure of Morocco, where tradition meets contemporary grace, exclusively curated for you at Palais Royal Linen Gallery. Your dreams deserve nothing less than the poetry of Caza Cavour and the splendor of Giotto's Egyptian Cotton embrace.

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