Flow 44 - Caza Cavour Duvet Cover Set

CAD $292.20 CAD $733.00
Introducing the ethereal allure of "Flo 44," a symphony of elegance and comfort that transcends the ordinary. Behold our masterpiece, the Duvet Cover Set, a harmonious blend of luxury and style, designed to adorn your sanctuary with grace.

Crafted by the artisans at Caza Cavour, this masterpiece is more than just a bed accessory—it's a testament to sophistication and refinement. Available in both Queen and King sizes, it envelopes you in the embrace of its 200 Thread Count luxury Percale Cotton, a fabric chosen with utmost care for its exquisite touch.

Immerse yourself in the poetry of our creation, where every detail is a brushstroke from the sun-soaked cliffs of Positano, Italy. The 2024 floral pattern dances with delicate colors and flowers, echoing the timeless beauty of this enchanting coastal town. Picture the gentle blooms and imagine the fragrance of a Mediterranean breeze—this is the inspiration that breathes life into your bedroom.

To enhance your experience, we've adorned "Flo 44" with a Zipper Closure, seamlessly merging convenience with aesthetics. As you surrender to the softness beneath, feel the celebration of spring and summer unfold within your sanctuary—a sanctuary now transformed into a haven of bliss.

Grace your bedroom with the radiance of our creation, and let "Flo 44" transport you to a realm where luxury meets artistry. Elevate your space, elevate your senses, for every night should be a celebration of elegance and dreams.

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