Caza Cavour Bamboo Solid Sheet Set

CAD $240.00 CAD $600.00
Color: White

Introducing Caza Cavour Bamboo, where sustainability meets luxury, carrying forward the legacy of its predecessor, Maison Paris. Caza Cavour is committed to offering the Bamboo Solid Sheet Set in our Eco-Friendly portfolio, ensuring an exceptional and environmentally responsible bedding experience.

Our Bamboo Solid Sheet Set boasts a composition that includes rayon from Bamboo, harvested from 100% Bamboo – a remarkable and renewable resource. Bamboo has the incredible ability to grow up to 2 feet in height per day, making it a sustainable choice for conscious consumers.

We meticulously process this bamboo to create Rayon fibers that rival the softness of silk. The result is a Sheet Set that not only embraces eco-friendliness but also pampers you with a luxurious softness that transcends your sleep experience. Say goodbye to cotton, and welcome the benefits of our green product, which includes excellent breathability, ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the night.

Let Caza Cavour Bamboo redefine your concept of a "Good Night's Sleep." With Caza Cavour Bamboo, you're not only indulging in luxury but also contributing to a greener world. Elevate your bedding choices with a touch of sustainability and unparalleled comfort. Your path to a more environmentally conscious and restful slumber begins here.

300 Thread Count

Made In Canada 


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